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Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done. It is said that connection is a human need. When we say we feel connected to a person or event, we are experiencing oneness. IT IS IN THIS SPACE OF EXPERIENCING ONENESS, where we find our reason for existence, our reason to do what we do...our PURPOSE. Are you feeling stuck in life? Finding your purpose will put you in motion towards moving forward. I'm an experienced Life Coach, who specializes in working with individuals and professionals eager to move forward in life by facilitating the experience of feeling Connected which leads to finding Purpose.

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Experienced Life Coach

CONNECT was born out of profound pain and suffering that lead to the feeling of being disconnected and the realization that feeling connected was achieved through the practice of self-growth. Over the years, as I have listened to individuals that have felt stuck in life, suffering to some degree, this principle became clear: the lens which one sees the world through is limiting, as one expands ones lens, one discovers more opportunity to be in oneness with individual/s or event/s. The recurring observation was that the experience of the state of feeling connected, was consistently followed by an inclination to move forward. This became my model: coach individuals or groups and facilitate the expansion of their lens, guide them to learn to identify the experience of feeling oneness, and witness the discovering of their own purpose. For the last several years, I’ve been successfully coaching individuals and groups throughout the Orange & Riverside County areas and facilitating their self-growth. I specialize in mindset, mental & emotional health, career, life, family & parenting, and relationship coaching. If you're feeling stuck in life and are ready for change and forward movement, my services are intended to introduce clarity, provide validation, and provide a listening ear for the inner you to be heard. Let's CONNECT...I look forward to serving you!

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