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What is CONNECT?

Hello! My name is Oscar. I started CONNECT because of a culmination of events that led me to question my purpose in life. In the simplest way, CONNECT is my devotion to help people enhance their human connection leading to discovering their own purpose. My dedication for this endeavor is my source of excitement and drive in all that I do. What does this mean? Undoubtedly, I had eventually discovered my purpose.

Sadly, it came at a high cost. My purpose was revealed unto me through the loss of my love, my best friend, my wife. I was blessed to experience great joy in an unbelievable relationship with her. We were lucky to have had three amazing boys as part of our family. Everything was perfect, I felt complete...I felt connected. What followed after her passing was devastation, pain, confusion, disappointment and emptiness. I was surrounded by many that were there to support my boys and I, yet, I felt alone and lonely and also felt the pain that comes with these kinds of emotions. I was completely lost. I felt completely disconnected from everyone and everything. In my darkest moments, I had no reason to do anything...I had no purpose.

I had gained something I did not understand and value up to that point in my life...perspective. I had experienced the greatest life had to offer and then I experienced the lowest as well. After years of much reflection and processing, it became clear the value of feeling connected. Humans are designed to connect. It is a fundamental human need.

In the space between connection and disconnect, are many valuable lessons and principles that allow people to grow and discover purpose in life. I will be sharing much of these lessons and principles here. I look forward to serving you and to learn from you. Thank you. Until next time!

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